You can tell a lot about how your body is functioning by examining your nails. Take a look. What do you see?

Here are some tell tale clues of your nails about your inner health:

Breaking/Splitting/Chipping nails

May be a sign of calcium, zinc or essential fatty acid deficiencies or low stomach acid

Solution: eat broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, whole grains and seeds. Also take the herb milk thistle.

White spots

May indicate zinc deficiency

Solution: take a zinc supplement. Always take zinc with food. Eat pumpkin or sunflower seeds for their high zinc content

Cracks on the skin/Blisters on the fingertips

May indicate a zinc deficiency

Solutions: same as those of white spots

Swollen fingertips or puffy hands

May indicate a B6 deficiency

Solutions: eat foods high in B vitamins such as brown rice, avocados and beans. Drink three cups of red clover tea daily.

*Always consult your doctor before taking any herbs or supplements

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