Praying helps us to connect with God and the Universe. When we are connected, we have a better and deeper understanding of all areas of our lives. Meditation is essential in connecting to oneself and the universe. It gives us the strength, power and confidence to do whatever we choose to do. It is a way of connecting with our spirit. It is not about religion. To meditate, we must first relax our mind. Suspend all chatter and thoughts and focus on the breath. Through prayer and meditation, we can receive clarity, direction and a sense of peace.

Prayer and/or meditation can take place anytime and anywhere.

First, sit or lie down comfortably. Close your eyes. Inhale deeply, filling the belly with oxygen. Hold the breath for a count of four, then release all air out of the belly. Continue deep inhalations and exhalations for 5-20 minutes. Allow thoughts to pass gently through your mind without focus or judgement.

After your meditation, slowly open your eyes. Carry the relaxing effects of your meditation practice with you. Feel free to repeat as needed throughout the day.

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